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If you have a Squarespace blog, you’ve probably thought about implementing Disqus so that you can have more functionality compared to the built-in Squarespace commenting system. You’ll have most likely seen this post but you’ll have come across a dilemma, there’s no way to keep your previous comments when moving. This post will help you get over that problem and import your comments over to Disqus.

So first things first, how are we going to do this? We’ll be taking advantage of the fact that Squarespace can export blog comments that can be used with WordPress, and Disqus can import from WordPress. So we’ll be exporting the comments and importing them to a temporary WordPress website (free), and then we’ll import comments from WordPress to Squarespace.

  1. Head on over to WordPress.com and create an account/blog with them. Get a free account and don’t worry about setting it up since you can just delete it when we’re done.
  2. On your Squarespace website, go to SETTINGSADVANCEDIMPORT / EXPORT  and click on EXPORT and then WORDPRESS. Now you can save this file to your desktop so you can easily find it.
  3. On your WordPress website, go to DASHBOARDTOOLSIMPORTWORDPRESS.
  4. Go ahead and upload the .xml file that you exported and downloaded from Squarespace.
  5. Now go back to DASHBOARDTOOLS → This time go to EXPORT. And then export just your POSTS. Save this to your desktop as well but make sure you name it WORDPRESS.XML so you don’t confuse it with your other .xml file.
  6. Finally, create an account with Disqus and then click on ADMIN at the top. Now on the left-hand side, click on IMPORT and import the .xml file that you downloaded from WordPress. (Make sure you select the .xml file you downloaded from WordPress and NOT the one you downloaded from Squarespace)
  7. Now you just have to wait for Disqus to import, this could take up to a week if you have thousands of comments, so be patients.

** Please note: Since the posts from WordPress will have had a different URL compared to your Squarespace website, you’ll have to manually change the links for each post. If you have just a few posts, this will only take a few minutes to do. You just have to go to the Migration Tool that Disqus has and make the necessary changes. **


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